Mercury Launches New Verado 350hp FourStroke

Mercury Launches New Verado 350hp FourStroke

Date: Thu, Mar 12th, 2015 12:00:00 am

Mercury Launches New Verado 350hp FourStroke

When you have the best engines, the challenge is to make them even better.

So that’s just what Mercury has done, with the introduction of the Verado 350hp FourStroke outboard.

“We’re proud to introduce the next evolution of this market-leading outboard series, the innovative and powerful Verado 350,” said John Pfeifer, President of Mercury Marine.

“Whether it’s installed in single, multiple, triple or quad-engine configurations, the Verado 350 delivers everything boaters and anglers demand.”

Built on Mercury’s proven supercharged inline six-cylinder Verado technology, the new 350 delivers unsurpassed speed and amazing overall performance without sacrificing the durability and cruise fuel economy for which Verados are famous.


Tests conducted by Mercury reveal the Verado 350 provides up to 10 percent greater fuel economy than competitive outboards.

As well, the new Verado 350 can operate on regular unleaded fuel, though Premium unleaded is recommended for full performance.

The secret to the engine’s unbeatable blend of performance and fuel economy is centred on its lightweight, compact design. Weighing just 303kgs, this engine is 43kgs lighter than its nearest four-stroke competitor.

But that doesn’t mean it’s lost muscle. The new 350 also has superior torque across the operating range, creating rocket-like hole shot and faster top-end speed.


No matter how hard you push it, this Verado is designed to stay cool.

A new cold-air intake system collects fresh air from outside the cowl and delivers it efficiently to the supercharger with a larger, straighter airflow path providing less-turbulent airflow. The water-cooled supercharger delivers greater boost by utilising water from the engine cooling system to provide a cooling jacket around the supercharger components.

The top cowl’s unique labyrinth design keeps the powerhead dry, while the styled vented flywheel cover allows engine heat to dissipate more easily, further improving overall efficiency and durability.


The new Verado 350 features Mercury’s all-new intelligent design enhancements, leading to a best-in-class driving experience.

Optimised guide plates maximise driver handling at high speeds, providing greater confidence when you’re running hard and fast. Verado’s robust and proven 5.44 inch diameter gearcase is built to handle offshore seas. Gears are precision-machined to ensure the highest levels of quality and durability.

Mercury’s specially formulated lower-gear lubrication for the Verado 350 reduces lube temperature and increases gearcase efficiency, which translates into more prop-shaft horsepower and better performance. It also means lower maintenance and longer engine life.


Verado 350 not only is more powerful, it also makes more power. Mercury Marine’s exclusive Idle Charge system adaptively increases engine rpm at low speeds when battery voltage is low. This provides additional current for the increased power loads needed for modern on board electronics – including vital navigation systems – to maintain safe operation.

Like its Verado siblings, the new 350 is compatible with Mercury’s SmartCraft Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) system, which offers smooth, instantaneous, quiet shifting and ultra-responsive throttle control. Operators also are assured a quiet ride by the inherently balanced inline six-cylinder Verado engine with its Advanced Mid Section (AMS) design, which virtually eliminates vibration in the boat.

Verado is also the easiest four-stroke outboard to maintain. Verado outboards come standard with Mercury’s exclusive lifetime maintenance-free valve train, which means owners never have to take their engine in for pricey valve-lash adjustments.

Verado 350 is available with Joystick Piloting for selected application multiple outboard installations as well as Skyhook and VesselView. Skyhook, the industry’s leading digital GPS positioning system, holds the boat in position for fishing or waiting for bridges to open. VesselView engine-information systems allow you to make the most of your time on the water.

So with a simple push or twist of a joystick you can manoeuvre a boat in virtually any direction – sideways, diagonally or spinning on its axis. You easily can control dual, triple or quad Verado outboards, even in challenging wind and current conditions.


Like every Verado engine, the amazing new Verado 350 comes with Mercury’s class-leading corrosion protection, utilising low copper aluminium silicon alloys, and its high-tech paint system, which features irridite metal preparation and sealing, electro-deposition paint (EDP) priming, and powder-paint top coat.

Peace of mind is standard, thanks to Mercury’s industry-exclusive three-year limited corrosion warranty.



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