Seal Superyachts expands to the Pacific Ocean!

Seal Superyachts expands to the Pacific Ocean!

Date: Thu, Jun 16th, 2016 12:00:00 am

Seal Superyachts, the premier superyacht support agency well known for their network of offices across the Indian Ocean and Asia, have just expanded their operations to include a comprehensive coverage across the southern Pacific Ocean.

With four new Seal Superyachts offices simultaneously coming online – located in Tahiti, Fiji, New Caledonia and Vanuatu – the company is now effectively able to provide a seamless agency support path for superyachts to cruise in the Pacific Ocean.

New Caledonia

Formerly known as Noumea Yacht Services, the company is New Caledonia's first dedicated Superyacht support agency – located on the waterfront of the main port and marina facility in New Caledonia's capital port of Noumea.

Herve Moal, Managing Partner of Seal Superyachts New Caledonia says of his companies operations, "As an established Superyacht agent servicing yachts since 2006, we have a reputable and honorable standing for our prompt professional services. We base our whole operation on reliable service to yachts and their crew, covering every aspect of their individual needs. We respond quickly and proactively to all requests and we ensure each of our clients receive top quality supplies and services."

In terms of joining Seal Superyachts, Herve went on to explain "To be able to provide a reliable and trustworthy group of offices that can seamlessly serve Superyachts, as they cruise across the South Pacific, is something we felt we had to be part of. We are really excited for the future of Superyacht cruising in our region".


Further East across the Pacific Ocean, Seal Superyachts now has an official presence in the island nation of Fiji. Established in early 2006, Baobab Marine was initially set-up to give yachts traversing the Pacific the option to have skilled repairs, maintenance and quality fabrications carried out in Fiji year round. Since then the company has grown to become Fiji's leading Superyacht specialist, and will now be known as Seal Superyachts Fiji.

Brian Smith, heading up the Seal Superyachts Fiji team remarked "With an ever expanding Superyacht industry in Fiji we find ourselves growing every year and are privileged to have a long list of repeat clients. Becoming part of Seal Superyachts allows us to provide an additional level of service to our clients, by providing them with continued high quality service, through their travels in the South Pacific and beyond. We believe that Seal Superyachts pride themselves on delivering quality service and support, in line with our business philosophies".


Justin Jenkin of Seal Superyachts Vanuatu says of the new venture "becoming part of the Seal Superyachts family is a completely natural evolution for us here in Vanuatu. Seal are well known for having strong principles of honesty and transparency. This is the same focus we have in helping our clients realize their wishes."

He continues "Our business is growing fast and so are the size and the amount of yachts now visiting the Pacific and Vanuatu. Our clients will benefit from a close-knit team that believes in giving the best service and staying on top of our game. The transformation of Vanuatu Yacht Services to Seal Superyachts Vanuatu will enable us to provide even better levels of service to our clients. We are extremely proud of being part of Seal Superyachts!"


Mr. Pascal Bredin, a former charter captain, launched Tahiti Yacht Services in 2005 to bring his knowledge and experience to Superyachts visiting French Polynesia. Beginning as a family-run company based close to the Taina Marina in the district of Punaauia, they have since grown to become the representative agent for Sevenstar Yacht Transport and Dockwise Yacht Transport. Tahiti Yacht Services has re-branded and will now be known as Seal Superyachts Tahiti.

A native of the island of Tahiti, Mr. Pascal Bredin is the new Managing Partner of Seal Superyachts Tahiti and has over twenty years of experience in the yachting and maritime industry.

Celebrating the new direction for his team, Pascal says "I know our clients enjoy working with us. Our Polynesian hospitality, together with a 'make it happen attitude' sets us apart and takes the stress out of cruising the Tahitian islands. We strive to deliver reliable and transparent solutions to our valuable customers and we look forward to adding our Polynesian smile and service to the Seal Superyachts family".

Seal Superyachts Managing Director Adam Frost summarized his thoughts on today's announcement: "I am delighted. We are bringing four leading support agencies in the Pacific Ocean into the Seal Superyachts group of dedicated support specialists. Looking further ahead, we'll work towards a full global network of connected support services for the Superyacht and Yachting industries"


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